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With the landscape of retail changing at a rapid pace, is your business evolving? Do you see the future of your business COMING INTO FOCUS?


Jewelers of America's third annual National Convention offered JA Members two days of impactful presentations and discussion that look to the future of the jewelry retail marketplace. Sessions cover strategies for success, the evolving retail customer experience, omni-channel selling, the diamond supply chain, responsible sourcing, security, social media -- and more! 

Even though the live event is over, you can still view the session recordings on our virtual platform! You will need to make an account on Matchbox to access the recordings.

Who Should Attend the JA National Convention

Are you a decision maker or key influencer at your company? Looking to learn what's new in the retail and jewelry landscape? The executive forum is curated for a diverse audience from including:​

Executives | Business Owners | Managers | Manufacturers | Marketers | Merchants | Sales Associates | Designers | Press

CONTACT US | 800-223-0673

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